Antimicrobial self adhesive clear labels


Antimicrobial self adhesive clear labels

Making every touch point safer with Safe Touch Sneezie Antimicrobial self adhesive clear film.  It delivers over 99.99% proven protection against grown of specific microbes for 3 years.  It also demonstrates an antiviral activity of 74.3% on human coronovirus HCoV-299E after a contact time of 24 hours. 

80micron self-adhesive clear laminate, fully resistant to heavy-duty and abrasive cleaning, with the added benefit of antimicrobial properties to minimise the spread of bacteria and human coronavirus. 

This clear film can be applied to any touch point: desks, door handles, push strips, light switches, sockets.


Standard Pre cut sizes:

A4 size label 

A3 size label 

Varius size labels on one sheet (ideal for switches door handles and sockets) - 4no. 85mm x 85mm, 4no. 100mm x 85mm, 2no. 145mm x 85mm, 12no. 15mm x 29mm 

Need a larger size? 

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