Automatic Sanitiser dispenser station Floor standing - white

Automatic Sanitiser dispenser station Floor standing - white

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    Sleek design in a white powercoated finish complete with automatic hand sanitiser dispenser and graphics.

    Reduce the risk of cross contamination due to the unit being automatic.

    Ready assembled unit complete with the refillable dispenser - ready for you to add the Alcohol Hand Sanitiser, Bulk fill unit (No refill cartridges required)  (REFILL Alcohol Hand Sanitiser IS ALSO AVAILABLE)

    In Summary: 

    Automatic No touch sensor operation bulk fill dispenser for Hand Sanitiser dispenser

    Adjustable dispensing Quantity - Setting 1: 0.3 - 0.8ml 

    Setting 2: 0.6 - 1.6ml

    Adjustable sensor distance 5-8cm 

    Dispenser takes 4x C Batteries (Included) 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to availability the automatic dispenser model may vary.

    Complete with generic graphics or your own custom design*

    *For full graphic coverage on the unit the price will be more.

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