Refuse Waste Sacks on Rolls


Refuse Waste Sacks on Rolls

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These black sacks on rolls are an easy and sanitary way of dealing with rubbish and waste, and they also help to minimise odours and mess by reducing the chance of bins becoming fouled and contaminated.

For extra convenience these particular sacks are supplied on a roll which you tear each individual bag from, making them easy to dispense – perfect for busy environments where space is tight or where users often have their hands full.


39" Length

20 sacks per roll

A convenient and sanitary way of dealing with waste

An effective barrier between waste products and their containers

Easy to use and secure with minimal contact with waste matter

Sold on a roll for easy dispensing

Reduce odours and minimise the need for cleaning bin interiors

Made using recycled materials

Last but not least, the product is made using recycled polyethylene, so it’s better for the environment, not just workplaces.

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