Dlite Absale Messenger display

The perfect compromise between a digital Media screen and an illuminated display poster pocket.  The Dlite Absale Messenger is a LED poster pocket with a instantly updatable moving message header the display is certainly grabbing the attention it deserves.  Dlite Messenger comes in A3 Portrait, A3 Landscape and A2 Portrait size, it’s a very slimline display and is suspended on cables and can have other Dlite Absale pockets above or below it.

Be creative with your messages, let people know what is new, what coming next, advertise seasonal messages at no cost, no artwork required… simply type and send to the Messenger and it will instantly show. 

The movable message header is single sided however, the LED poster pocket section has easy access magnetic covers and is double sided.

This display is great for window displays, restaurant menus, new ideas, new properties or services, to display now showing at cinemas and theatres…the opportunities are endless.

Posted on October 9th 2018

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