Graphic Design for Lelli Kelly Exhibition

Lelli Kelly tasked our team of designers to come up with a graphic for a quantity of roller banner stands to use at shows and promotions. The well-known brand of girls shoes are known for the colouring and sparkly appearance, this had to be reflected in the graphic design to capture attention and create desire for the products.

Roller banners are a popular product for exhibitions because they are cost effective and very portable. Widths and stability of the roller banner make them an ideal solution for in-store promotions, reception areas, direction indicators for conferences and exhibitions. Durleigh also now have a product that can be used outdoor so limitations are minimal.

Lelli Kelly Shoes

Lelli Kelly was launched in Italy 1992. Our brand is well known for putting the fun and funky back onto little girl’s feet. Every little girl wants a pair of Lelli Kelly! The tricky situation is she has to choose which shoes she wants from the gorgeous sparkly collections. The spring collection comprises of canvas shoes and baseball boots which are full of hand sewn beautiful beads and sequined flowers. Remove the special insole and your shoes become the most practical shoes ever as they can be machine washed!

Posted on September 14th 2015

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