Graphic Design Logo Project (Griffith & Partners)

Griffith & Partners is a well established estate agents specialising in property sales, valuation and residential lettings. They were looking for a new logo which would update there existing branding with a modern feel, whilst still being recognisable to their existing Griffith & Partners clients. The companies existing colour palette would be used in the new logo design, which again would help to enforce the existing brand.

A set of first drafts are created which show a variety of design ideas and options. With each draft the branding is slowly honed into a single direction where colour, font, ideas, style and the general feel can be created.

The final logo utilizes the right angled triangle used in G&P’s original logo. The font has been updated to a modern san serif typeface and the logo has now been used across the companies stationery, website and wide range of estate agent signage, helping to strengthen and uphold the brand.

Griffith & Partners is the longest established independent estate agency in the Watlington and Benson area. You will see our distinctive boards all across South Oxfordshire.

At Griffith & Partners we are passionate about property. Every property related requirement you have can be dealt with by us, from mortgages, buy-to-let finance and bridging loans to one-off marketing campaigns for unique or specialist properties, and from advice on letting your property – with all the rewards and pit-falls that entails – to advice on the best way to develop a property for maximum return on your investment. With many successful property development projects under our belt, we are uniquely
qualified in advise in this highly specialised area.

Posted on January 26th 2015

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