Internal design trends for 2017

Internal Design trends for 2017

Pantone have named the colour of the year as Greenery This is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.  This shade of green you will see in commercial design in 2017. 

A trend that will continue to grow is the faux finishes.  Panels and walls that look like wood but dont need the maintenence, faux foliage is an increasing demand.  These materials can be budget friendly and somethimes more reliable to the authentic materials.  Ask Durleigh about creating wood effect or leather effect wall displays and signage. 

Offices will continue to become inspirational spaces, in this busy commercial world we are always looking for a sense of comfort and a place to rest amongst all the chaos and information.  Wall murels are a great way to create a calm spot amongst the whirlwind of reality.

Beauty of natural white.  Natural white creates a sence of openness, cleaness where colours statement can be added, yet has the luxury office feel.

Its also important to remember in 2017 that less is more.  This is an increasingly used expression which suggests that there is value in simplicity and that more can be accomplished with less. 

Posted on May 12th 2017

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