Phase One Dibond Information Stands

The Phase One recently contacted Durleigh with a need to display the teams’ history, staff and the
roles they play in the teams’ success.

Durleigh produced four information stands using the teams’ signature colours and branding. The designs were then applied to the stands using direct print, aluminium, weather proof Dibond.

This process displays your photographic works anywhere you want. The process is extremely robust, making it ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor areas. Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen, or on the terrace, conditions such as damp and high temperatures have almost no effect on your direct print on aluminium Dibond. The solid composite material guards against loss of shape, while the UV Art Print technology prevents colours from fading. Thanks to the matte aluminium surface, your images have a classic, flawless appearance.

The backing consists of two thin aluminium sheets with a black polyethylene core and has a total thickness of 3 mm. Known for its high stability, the solid composite material offers the best protection against changes in shape, even when hung outdoors or in damp areas. Almost impervious to sunlight or damp, you can display your work as a direct print on aluminium Dibond in sheltered areas on the balcony or in the bathroom. There’s more: The backing is surprisingly light and allows even large formats to be hung easily and securely on the wall. Aluminium Dibond has proven itself in galleries for many years and is notably superior to fragile, lightweight foam boards. The edges are cut with the highest precision using to a CNC milling machine.

Phase One Endurance was formed in 1985 by Russell Benney and Martin Prout. The first race was the 1985 Bol d'Or, competing on a Harris framed Kawasaki GPZ 750. The team qualified last in 80th place and finished the race in 42nd place. During the meeting the mechanics rebuilt the engine three times and constructed a wiring loom from scratch. It was a steep learning curve for the team. However, the whole experience proved to be a catalyst, and the team were eager for more.

Posted on April 13th 2015

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