Wilkie May & Tuckwood installation with wallpaper image

Making the world more beautiful, one wall at a time…

Wallpaper graphics make your room stand out from the crowd.  Durleigh are passionate about beautiful wall coverings and innovative mural designs.  We believe creating statement walls will enhance office environments, inspire staff and clients. 

Many Estate Agent offices are using large graphics to transform the interior space bringing an entire empty wall to life with custom printed wallpaper. All of our wall murals are custom made to fit each customer’s wall size and individual requirements.

To capture the history of the town Wilkie May and Tuckwood Estate Agents in Bridgwater had their entire back wall decorated with a historic image of Bridgwater, Market and St Mary’s Church in 1890   Durleigh’s design team worked alongside the Wilkie May and Tuckwood branch to ensure each section of the photo appeared on the correct wall area and the arch door way leading to the upstairs was perfectly placed.

Durleigh work closely with photography companies who hold the royalties and rights to the old fashion images to help bring photos of local history into your office.  These companies carefully selected use the very latest reproduction techniques who are able to retain the extraordinary clarity of the original, thereby revealing the maximum historical detail.

Wilkie May & Tuckwood, Bridgwater

Wilkie May & Tuckwood is an independent, progressive firm of estate agents founded in the early 1990's. We now have eight offices throughout Somerset and Devon and provide a range of residential and commercial services including estate agency, valuations, letting, auctioneering and surveying.

Posted on February 8th 2016

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